Social Media

Agent Social produces content for real estate agency and agent social media profiles to keep their brand front of mind with existing and new clients. We do this by finding content for our clients and publishing it to their accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

The content we post can be one or all of the following: photos from the local community, property listings, blog links and images, history photos from the area, real estate stats, custom graphics and more.

We can also work with other content types and platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn. We also have extensive experience creating social media ads, campaigns and building custom audiences to push ads to.

Real estate social media management

content posted

Our team can find, upload and post content to your social media pages for you. You can still make your own uploads at anytime if you wish, or send it to our team to do for you.

Real estate social media

property posts

We find the best properties you have on offer and meticulously choose which images will work best on your social media channels and in what format for you.

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style posts

We can also post more than just your property listings. We can find, upload and post things like relevant real estate news, home design blog articles, local history photos and more.

LJ Hooker social media

Corporate posts

We can also share content that is part of a wider brand strategy to your page.

Real estate social media

social media ads

Whether it’s boosting a Facebook post or making an entire social media campaign across multiple platforms, we can target your content to those on your database, those in your area and more.